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Monterey Pines RV Campground - 24

Since we are only driving 3 hours today, we took our time getting on the road this morning. We were in the car around noon and on our way to Monterey, thankful to leave the heat behind! On our way we passed a fire on some farmland right off the 5 freeway. Our route took us over the Pacheco pass which is a nice easy drive through the hills over to the 101. Our campground is apart of the Naval Postgraduate School MWR facilities and literally was in the middle of a golf course! That was pretty weird.
We made it in ok and were all set up and ready to cook dinner way before dark which is always a plus! The campground is very small, and there were a lot of kids running around which made it quite difficult for Kyle to back the trailer into our spot. The kids weren’t about to stop their play time for us that was for sure. But Kyle got us backed in and all level even with the brats in his way. Patient man he is! 

We had an issue with the hose spigot that was at our site. We hooked our fresh w…
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Millerton Lake SRA - 136

Well...We learned on this trip that we need to invest in some electric blankets or a space heater! The weather during the day was perfect, but it dropped down to freezing temperatures at night and I did not plan for that at all…Whoops!
Anyways, we headed out to Millerton Lake after work on Friday night. It only took about 1h 30min to get up there, it is just north of Fresno. We beat the sunset which was nice so it wasn't completely dark when we were setting up. The drive in is beautiful, especially with the sun going down. We made reservations for this campground online but apparently they are first come first serve only so we did't get the spot that we paid for. That isn't noted on the reservation website. The spot that I wanted was facing the lake but away from the "RV Row" which is basically a parking lot. Well that spot was obviously taken when we arrived so the camp host put us in spot 136…the parking lot…Oh well. At least it was close to the bathrooms.

Lemoore, the Final Stretch - Day 17

There was really no rush to get to Lemoore today, which was good because there was a lot of traffic going through LA. It was a sad morning though. Toby will be staying here with my parents while we head up to Lemoore. It took us a while to decide that, but it will be for the best. The hotel we are staying at in Lemoore won't allow dogs over 50lbs...Toby is 65lbs. We are allowed to stay at that hotel for 10 days and then we need to find our own living situation. So hopefully we find something quick so we won't have to be apart from Toby for too long.
About to go over the Grapevine. The temperature seemed to keep rising the closer we got to Lemoore. It was 115 when we arrived around 5:00 PM! This is going to take some getting used to. There is a whole lot of nothing out here thats for sure.

At least the room at the NGIS is nice. There is a bedroom and bathroom in the back and a living room with kitchenette in the front. The kitchen has a full size fridge and microwave and a 2 bu…

California at Last! - Day 16

Our drive was fairly short today, we are only going from Las Vegas to Orange County. But still, we got up really early so we would have some time to relax once we made it to my parents.
We had a little traffic crossing the border from Nevada to California. Since we still have Maryland plates on our car, we were stopped for inspection. I was so nervous that they were going to take my plants away, they have made it this far! But she said they were ok and we were on our way. Of course, the first stop we made across the border was In-N-Out in Barstow. It was a quiet moment, savoring our favorite meal, knowing that we have finally made it through this crazy journey together.

We made it to my parents house around noon, with plenty of time in the day to relax and share stories from our trip. Toby made himself right at home on Grandma and Grandpas couch!

We were able to see everyone we have been waiting to see for so long. Grandma came over to my parents house during the day. Then the Parkers…